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AVIMIMUS portentosus

Meaning Of Name: Bird Mimic
Classification: THEROPODA; relationships uncertain
Age: Late Cretaceous (Campanian) Djadokhta Formation, 75 million years ago
Locality: Gobi Desert, Peoples' Republic of Mongolia
Cast Size: 100cm in length

Small carnivorous dinosaurs or theropods are thought to have given rise to the birds. The translation of Avimimus , 'Bird mimic' reflects the uncertainty of its relationship to birds. It was interpreted by its discoverer, Dr Sergi Kurzanov, as a dinosaur that had features in parallel with birds, perhaps even feathers. The animal possibly had short, wide wings of limited use for flight and may even have been warm blooded. The foot of Avimimus is compared with that of the large carnivorous dinosaur, Tarbosaurus and the similarities are clear. The middle metatarsal bone is very reduced in both.

Partial skeleton. In position as
if found in field