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BAGACERATOPS rozhdestvenskyi

Meaning Of Name: Small Horned Face
Classification: CERATOPSIA; Neoceratopsia; Protoceratopsidae
Age: Late Cretaceous (Campanian), Barun Goyot Formation, 75 million years ago
Locality: Gobi Desert, Southern Khermin Tsav, Mongolia
Cast Size: 3.5cm in length

This specimen of Bagaceratops rozhdestvenskyi is one of the smallest skulls known of a dinosaur. The large orbits suggest it was a juvenile. Related to Protoceratops andrewsi , this protoceratopsian was somewhat smaller, the skulls of the adults never exceeding 25cm in size.

A bony knob on the face, a precursor for the well-developed horns of the larger ceratopsians, was more prominent than that in Protoceratops andrewsi , but the frill was less elaborately developed. So, in one feature Bagaceratops rozhdestvenskyi was more advanced than Protoceratops andrewsi but in others, more primitive. It possessed a mixture of advanced and primitive characteristics.

As with other neoceratopsians, Bagaceratops had a sharp beak at the front of the jaws and a row of leaf shaped teeth behind. Below each tooth that erupted along the edge of the jaw was a waiting line of unworn teeth under the 'gums' so that these little dinosaurs were able to feed on very tough vegetation without wearing out their tooth supply .