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Meaning Of Name: Speedy predator
Classification: THEROPODA; Dromaeosauridae
Age: Late Cretaceous (Campanian), Djadokhta Formation, 75 million years ago
Locality: Shabarak Usa, Gobi Desert, southeastern Peoples' Republic of Mongolia
Skull Cast Size: 22cm in length

Full Model Size:
250cm in length

Velociraptor was closely related to the North American Deinonychus . Although not massive like Tyrannosaurus or Tarbosaurus , this smaller dinosaur was a fierce predator, being quick and agile, as is portrayed in the movie 'Jurassic Park'.

For its size, its brain was the largest of any dinosaur, being comparable to that of an emu in volume.

Remains of Velociraptor have been found intertwined with those of their presumed prey, Protoceratops . In this case in a death embrace the Velociraptor specimen had a firm hold on the headshield of the Protoceratops , which must have punctured the chest cavity of the carnivore with its head. Both died as a result of the battle.

Velociraptor had a long, low skull with quite a flat snout and long, functional arms. One toe on each foot, the inside toe, was large and shaped like a scythe it could have done a lot of damage! It could also have done much damage with its compressed, dagger-shaped teeth that were serrated like a steak knife.

Velociraptor had large eyes and probably 3 dimensional vision.