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Meaning Of Name: Crocodile from Biarmia, an ancient country in the Perm region.
Classification: THERAPSIDA; Eotheriodontia; Family Biarmosuchidae
Age: Late Permian, Zone I, 225 million years ago
Locality: Ocher, Perm Region, Russia
Cast Size: 75cm in length

This mammal-like reptile had canine's , incisors and cheek teeth of different shapes as well as teeth on the palate.

Represented is the skeleton of a small predator in the Eotheriodontia, the most primitive of the mammal-like reptiles.

The specimen was preserved in flood channel sandstone that was deposited it in a river flowing off the young and growing Ural Mountains.

Like Eotitanosuchus olsoni, its skull shows the small, primitive temporal opening behind the eye that is characteristic of the most ancient of therapsid (mammal-like) reptiles.