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Meaning Of Name: Named in honour of A. Inostrantzev, a Russian geologist
Classification: THERAPSIDA; Theriodonta; Family Gorgonopidae
Age: Later Permian, Zone IV, 245 million years ago
Locality: Sokolki, Malaya Severnaya (Small North) Dvinia River near Archangel'sk, Northern Russia
Cast Size: 450cm in length

Represented by a skeleton of a large satire-toothed theriodont reptile. The gracile nature of the skeleton of this animal and its development of many kinds of teeth marks it as an advanced carnivorous mammal-like reptile, a therapsid.

By this stage of evolution of mammal-like reptiles, the limbs are tucked more nearly under the body as in living mammals. This is in contrast to more primitive reptiles that have the upper part of the limbs projecting outward, rather than downward, thus in sprawling stance, eg. the ZoneII Titanophoneus potens from Ishevo.


Inostrancevia Assembly Video 2002