Company background


Gondwana Studios is an Australian-based company that specializes in the production of Museum quality displays and traveling exhibitions. Our experienced team has traveled internationally installing exhibitions as well as molding and casting fossil specimens for Museums around the world.

Gondwana Studios evolved from the casting Department of the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery and started producing scientifically accurate fossil casts for national and international markets in 1991. Our team of technicians were given permission to manufacture moulds from the 'Great Russian Dinosaur Exhibition' from the Palaeontological Institute of Moscow, which toured Australia and the United States of America in the 1990s.

Gondwana Studios currently specialises in the designs and manufacture of traveling exhibition, while still continuing to offer a range of dinosaur, Permian reptiles, Australian megafauna casts and fleshed models to Museums around the world. A percentage of the proceeds made from the sales of casts by Gondwana Studios is returned to the institutions that provided the fossils for casting, to help support scientific research

Company's Objective:

Our objectives are to produce, to the highest quality custom museum displays and traveling exhibitions for both national and international markets.

All products are designed to be:

  • Scientifically accurate and of the highest quality
  • Easy to transport and assemble/disassemble
  • Reflect realism and flexibility within the range of posture
  • Made from modern lightweight environmentally safe materials
  • Used as a teaching resource for Universities, Schools and Museums
  • Capable of being transported worldwide in the form of traveling exhibition material

Location & Facilities:

Our company operates out of the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery Inveresk, a modern and recently renovated facility, with an additional off site workshop and storage.

Material Produced by Gondwana Studios:

Our exhibit material has been distributed extensively worldwide. Several items went on display in Steven Spielberg's Lost World Exhibition in 1997. Since then our team has produced three traveling exhibitions, two entitled Ghosts of the Great Russian Dinosaurs, in conjunction with the Monash University, and Hatching the Past: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies in conjunction with